Irish Dance and Theatre Company

Irish Dance Show

In 1985 Marion Turley was approached by the Central Television Company, part of the ITV network, to choreograph the award winning documentry 'The Magic Fiddle'. The documentry was starred by Colin Dunne (of Riverdance fame) along with some of Marion's dancers of whom a number were world champions. The documentary portrayed, for the first time, a style of dance that we associate with some of the big Irish dance shows of today.

In 1987, Celtic Feet was established as the live performance side of the Marion Turley Academy of Irish Dance. This was swiftly followed by Colin Dunne's video production 'Celtic Feet', which went on to sell all over the world.

1996 then saw the formation of the Celtic Feet Irish Dance and Theatre Company. Marion Turley joined forces with Roger Penycate, with the collaboration being specifically aimed towards providing Irish Dance at corporate events. To date, Celtic Feet have performed at hundreds of prestigious events around the world, including being flown by Virgin Atlantic to Delhi, to perform for Sir Richard Branson at the opening party of the London Heathrow-Delhi route. Celtic Feet continue to be the most successful Irish dance troupe within the corporate entertainment market.

Celtic Feet's full theatre show 'An Evening in Ireland' was launched to huge acclaim in March 1998. The show continues to sell out some of the UK's most prestigious venues.

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